These are some of the most frequently asked questions about selling books to Blue Awning Books.

  • What kind of books are you looking for? We buy books on all subjects. The books we most want are hardcover books in good condition, with dust jackets that are also in good condition. To get an idea of the kind of books we like to buy, browse the books we are currently offering at the shop.
  • Are there any books you do not buy? Yes. We are not interested in encyclopedia sets or yearbooks published after 1900. We do not buy bound magazines (or single-copy magazines, for that matter). We do not buy Reader's Digest Condensed Books. We do not buy books with covers that are detached, or that are so damaged that we cannot display them in our store without further damage. We don't buy books without title pages, or with heavy soiling. And we don't buy books with strong musty or tobacco odors.
  • Do you make house calls? Yes. If you live in Austin and are ready to sell at least 100 books, we'll go to your house at your convenience and do an inventory there. After we've had time to evaluate your books, we'll make you an offer. If you accept the offer, we will return to your house, pack up the books, and take them to our facility. If your books are more than an hour's drive from Austin, call to see if we can travel to evaluate them.
  • How does Blue Awning Books pay? Our offers generally are for store credit. Cash offers are reserved for large libraries or for books of special value.
  • Do you pay more than other used book shops? In many cases, yes. Our offers are similar to those from other independent used bookstores. Our offers tend to be much higher than chain used bookstores...especially for books that fall into our most favored categories: hardcover nonfiction books.
  • Why do you ask for my name and address? Blue Awning Books has a policy of retaining the name, address, and phone number or email address of anyone who sells us books. We never sell or give away that data; we keep it in our database to protect ourselves from certain potential problems.
  • How do you determine how much to offer for my books? There are a number of factors that go into our offers. We check the internet prices for almost every book we buy; our price must be competitive with other booksellers on the internet. Other factors include our store's needs for books: if the religion section of our store is jammed with books, we will temporarily offer less for religion books that we are interested in buying. As a general rule, our offers are about 25% of the amount we think we can sell the books for.
  • Do you buy entire libraries? Yes. Many of our books are from people who are moving or downsizing. We also buy books from people who have inherited books. We're happy to make house calls to evaluate personal libraries. We don't buy books with public or school library markings.


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