We Will Buy Your

Used and Rare Books

Most of the books in our collection were purchased at auctions and estate sales, but we routinely buy books in good or better condition from individuals.

If you have books you'd like to sell, call us or send an email.

Here are some things you should know about our bookbuying process:

We are much more interested in buying libraries than in buying individual volumes. If you have a group of books that you've collected over a period of time, we'd love to consider them.

We do not buy sets of encyclopedias or certain book club volumes. We are never interested in Reader's Digest condensed books. We do not buy magazines or comic books. We seldom buy books with detached covers, broken bindings, or other significant damage; restoration is quite expensive and only the most valuable books are worth the expense.

We do not deal in audiobooks.

We will make you an offer for your books, which you are entirely free to accept or reject. We will need to spend enough time with your books to create an offer that we believe will be acceptable to you.

Our offers are based on a number of factors, including our evaluation of the value of your books, the condition of the books, our current store stock, and more. In general, we will offer you approximately 25% of the estimated retail value of your books.

Our offers are usually for store credit, rather than cash, unless you are offering an unusually valuable collection of books.

We also make house calls. We'll come to your location at a mutually convenient time if you have a sufficient number of promising books. Call us or send us an email describing your books.

We're based in Austin, and travel within the Austin area is routine for us. If you're more than an hour away, the time we spend traveling will probably result in a lower offer. Nevertheless, it may still be worthwhile.

If we come to an agreement for books at your home or office, we will pack up and remove the books from your premises, usually within a day.



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